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What is this study about? HOMESIDE

Monday, September 14th, 2020

Home-based family caregiver-delivered music and reading interventions for people living with dementia

What are the main aims of the study?

HOMESIDE aims to investigate whether home-based music and reading interventions, provided by a family caregiver to a person they are caring for with dementia, are helpful in dementia care and management. The study additionally looks at ways in which these interventions may impact care recipient AND caregiver wellbeing and increase the amount of pleasurable moments shared between the dyad.

What does it involve for a participant?

Participants in HOMESIDE will be randomly assigned to either a home-based:

  • Music program
  • Reading program
  • Control group

The programs are designed to be delivered by family caregivers, who will receive face-to-face training online from qualified health professionals.  Participants will also complete assessments at 3 timepoints across 6 months. At the completion of the study, participants will have the option of receiving training in any interventions they haven’t participated in as part of the study.

How long is the study for?

Participation in the study lasts for 6 months, with 3 months of training and support and a final assessment 3 months after this training is complete. We are recruiting up until the end of 2021.

What do you hope the outcomes of the study will be?

It is hoped that findings from this study will demonstrate whether the skills we teach family caregivers about using music or reading can be effectively applied at home and can lead to better health and wellbeing outcomes for both carers and care recipients (with dementia). Non-pharmaceutical interventions will be a far more cost-effective treatment method for managing symptoms of dementia.

Where is the study based?

Participation happens from the comfort and familiar surroundings of participants homes! HOMESIDE is delivered entirely online and as such, participation is invited across the whole of Australia.  Four other countries – Germany, Norway, UK and Poland – are also partnering in this research and collecting data in their respective locations.

Who can take part?

This study is for people living with dementia and their family (or informal) caregivers. You can participate in the study if:

  • You or your loved one has a diagnosis of dementia OR significant memory problems
  • You are or you have a family caregiver
  • You live together at home
  • You and your loved one have adequate hearing to participate in online activity

If you think you are eligible to this study, please sign up today!