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Holdsworth Community

Thursday, January 16th, 2020

Holdsworth Community supports children and adults living with intellectual disabilities; families with young children; older people who may be frail, ill, lacking mobility, experiencing social isolation or living with dementia; and their families and care givers throughout Sydney and its Eastern Suburbs.

Our purpose is to build a community where all people have the support and services they need in order to build their personal capacity; have a voice and make choices; and make the meaningful social connections they need to live an active and happy life in the community.

Our services for older people provide opportunities for connection with the community, through exercise programs, social activities and memory loss/dementia support, and building independence, as a Home Care Package provider, through Home Connect and HomeShare.

More information about our services for older people can be found here:

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The University of Sydney

Please note: This service is in the early implementation phase. Find out more.