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COVID-19 and the Impact on Individuals with Dementia

Tuesday June 23, 2020

The world has changed since coronavirus became known in late 2019. The way we work, shop, travel and gather has had a huge overhaul. People experiencing dementia have not escaped this change. COVID-19 has implications for people with dementia, both directly in terms of increased vulnerability, and indirectly through effects on social supports and the […]

What is this study about? Changed behaviours associated with memory and cognitive decline and the impacts of COVID-19

Thursday June 18, 2020

Changed behaviours associated with memory and cognitive decline and the impact of COVID-19: Views and feelings of people living with dementia, families /carer partners and healthcare workers Researchers at Dementia Centre For Research Collaboration (DCRC), University of New South Wales are looking for participants. What are the main aims of the study? The main aims of […]

Meet our Ambassador Kate Swaffer

Monday May 25, 2020

As an ambassador of StepUp for Dementia Research, Ms Kate Swaffer encourages people living with dementia and their families to sign up on StepUp for Dementia Research. Kate also highlights the importance of joining research studies during COVID-19 pandemic.

Social Support as an Important Factor in Caregiver Resilience

Monday May 25, 2020

How well we “bounce back”, or adapt to adversity, is taken as a sign of resilience, and a significant protective factor for our mental health when encountering life challenges. Currently, 91% of people with dementia living in our community rely on an informal or unpaid carer to support them[1]. Caring for someone with dementia can […]

Hopes that Aspirin might Delay Dementia are Dashed

Tuesday April 21, 2020

Cardiovascular issues are a key risk factor for dementia. Because aspirin can be beneficial for those who have had heart attack, some studies have suggested that it may also be beneficial to the brain. Scientists have hypothesised that aspirin may reduce the risk of dementia by lowering inflammation, minimising blood clots forming, or by preventing […]

Using Technology to Bring Smiles to People with Dementia

Thursday April 16, 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, tough calls are being made to protect our most vulnerable from COVID-19. For many people over the age of 70 years old, this means strong recommendations to self- isolate at home for as long as practicable. These measures are essential to prevent the spread of the virus and more deaths, […]

What is this study about? Online Cognitive Training Program

Friday April 3, 2020

Have you noticed changes in your memory or thinking skills? Do you want to improve your cognition and wellbeing? Researchers from Healthy Brain Ageing Research Program, Brain and Mind Centre, The University of Sydney are looking for volunteers. This research study will evaluate the effectiveness of a 6-week, online education and cognitive training program, for improving […]

Community Care Smart Assistive Technology Collaborative

Thursday March 19, 2020

The Community Care Smart Assistive Technology Collaborative (CCSATC) is convened by Global Community Resourcing. The CCSATC was established in response to the need of service providers to be better positioned in an era of high technological disruption and changing funding, policy and service delivery settings. The CCSATC is an online community of practice available to […]

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