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Holdsworth Community

Thursday January 16, 2020

Holdsworth Community supports children and adults living with intellectual disabilities; families with young children; older people who may be frail, ill, lacking mobility, experiencing social isolation or living with dementia; and their families and care givers throughout Sydney and its Eastern Suburbs. Our purpose is to build a community where all people have the support and […]

Guntawang Aboriginal Resources Inc

Wednesday January 15, 2020

Guntawang Aboriginal Resources Incorporate (GARI) was established in August 2013 by a group of Aboriginal women in the Fairfield Local Government Area of Sydney NSW. Guntawang is co-ordinated by the Aboriginal women of the community though consultation, negotiation and passion. The GARI Board and participants volunteer their time and resources by providing transport to the […]

Dementia Vaccine on the Cusp of Human Trials

Monday January 13, 2020

A dementia vaccine developed by Flinders University Professor Nikolai Petrovsky has been successfully shown to “work” in mice genetically programmed to develop dementia. Harnessing the immune response Dementia is thought to be the result of the build-up of two different types of proteins in the brain that stop neurons communicating with each other. The proteins […]

Health Consumers NSW

Thursday January 9, 2020

Health Consumers NSW is a not-for-profit organisation. Health Consumers NSW listen to patients, carers, their families and everybody who has an interest in making health services work for the people they serve. They have a network of individual health consumer advocates who represent you – the everyday person – in health service delivery and policy […]

COTA Northern Territory

Tuesday January 7, 2020

COTA NT (also known as Council on the Ageing NT) has been working towards a just, inclusive, age-friendly and equitable society for all senior Northern Territorians since 1969. Our mission is to empower older people, those who work with them, government and the community into achieving well-being and social justice for older people. We are passionate about […]

Does Air Pollution Damage our Brains? #AustraliaBurns

Thursday December 19, 2019

Air quality readings across Australia are at concerning levels right now in the wake of the bushfires. Known as PM2.5, rates of particle matter smaller than 2.5 micrometres are easy to inhale and can cause health problems. A new study suggests that these tiny pollutants particles might even change the structure of our brain. Measuring […]

COTA Queensland

Wednesday December 11, 2019

Council on the Ageing (COTA) Queensland is a state-wide not for profit organisation advancing the rights, interests and futures of people as we age. For over 60 years COTA Queensland has worked with older people to influence decision making and create positive social change. They promote older people’s rights and advocate to Government on issues […]

Eyes as a potential window to Alzheimer’s Disease

Friday December 6, 2019

Australian scientists have used specialised eye scanning technology to detect changes in the retina that could be indicative of early Alzheimer’s Disease. Lost Opportunities for Early Intervention The presence of clumps of beta-amyloid protein in the brain is an established hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease. They can accumulate long before any symptoms of dementia show up. […]

The University of Sydney

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